Avoided the errors. Young pitchers looked very good, although hung a couple of pitches resulting in 2 homers. Concerning that the team continues to leave high numbers of runners on base (although I guess it is good that they got there in the first place).

Good to win the series, but particularly good to start the season with a very good opponent. Helpful to remind the team that they are not everything they are made out to be on social media (as the coach noted). Much better than padding the beginning of the season with cupcakes, only to be unpleasantly surprised by ACC competition, which seemed to be what happed last year. Got to figure out the pitcher rotation. Logan Whitaker was a bit of a disappointment. We don't have obvious closers, although Dudan looked good. Hoping for more hitting from Pennington.

Notwithstanding the comment about social media, this team can be good.